How VSIOM can help (SV)

Due to the nature of the crime, many victims find it hard to talk about and are reluctant to report sexual violence cases. Victim Support Isle of Man provides a confidential service, to which victims can self-refer even if the crime has not been reported to the police. We can provide advice and support to all victims of sexual violence, and partner with specialist agencies to make sure our service is up to date and appropriate, be they young victims, male victims, or those experiencing it in same-sex relationships

Victim Support Isle of Man has specially trained Independent Sexual Violence Advocates, or ‘ISVAs’ for short, who help victims of sexual violence.

ISVAs can:

  • Provide you with information on the criminal justice process and what you can expect if you report to the police.
  • Give you information on health services and attend appointments with you if you wish.
  • Help you to think about your safety and what can be done to improve your safety.
  • Listen to your experiences and give you emotional support.

You do not have to report to the police to receive support from an ISVA.

We work with all genders of all ages. We have CHISVAs for under 18s and ISVAs for those 18 and over.

Organisations who can help:

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